――In Light of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples――


インディアン トライブの歴史、文化、政治を公立学校で教える法律

 現地時間の8日午前9:30というから、今から約40分後、ワシントン州のインズリー知事が一連の法案に署名する署名式が始まる。法案の一つに、この法案――ワシントン州の公立学校で同州のインディアン トライブの歴史、文化、政府について教えることを義務付ける――が入っている。同法案は、同州上院で提案され、上院を42-7、下院を76-22で通過している。知事が署名予定の法案

Sec. 1. The legislature recognizes the need to reaffirm the state's commitment to educating the citizens of our state, particularly the youth who are our future leaders, about tribal history, culture, treaty rights, contemporary tribal and state government institutions and relations and the contribution of Indian nations to the state of Washington. The legislature recognizes that this goal has yet to be achieved in most of our state's schools and districts. As a result, Indian students may not find the school curriculum, especially Washington state history curriculum, relevant to their lives or experiences. In addition, many students may remain uninformed about the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of their tribal neighbors, fellow citizens, and classmates. The legislature finds that more widespread use of the Since Time Immemorial curriculum developed by the office of the superintendent of public instruction and available free of charge to schools would contribute greatly towards helping improve school's history curriculum and improve the experiences Indian students have in our schools. Accordingly, the legislature finds that merely encouraging education regarding Washington's tribal history, culture, and government is not sufficient, and hereby declares its intent that such education be mandatory in Washington's common schools.



P.S. この国では少しだけを、しかも支配的国家・社会に都合のよい内容にして、教えることを義務付けている。
 前にも似たような動きを紹介したことがある(2012-12-05 ワシントン州における「トライブ主権教育カリキュラム」)が、上の法案で言及されているカリキュラム(Since Time Immemorial:太古の昔から)のサイトである。