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Settlement of an Ainu Ancestral Remains Repatriation Case (Provisions of the Agreement)(w/ P.S.)

 On March 25, 2016, the agreement was reached regarding the repatriation of the Ainu ancestral remains that had been taken from Kineusu, Urakawa Town, one of the three regions in dispute.

 Below is my unofficial summary of the agreement that is posted here.

1. The University of Hokkaido will return the remains and funeral objects at the designated place in Kineusu upon the notice from the interested person (Ryukichi Ogawa) after May 30, 2016. The University will pay the expenses for the transportation of the remains and funeral objects to Kineusu.

2. The University will publicly notify the following information regarding the other human remains from the region on its web site by the end of September, 2016:
(1) the information necessary and reasonable to identify the descendant who assumes the legal rights to the remains concerned, and
(2) that the University will accept the application for repatriation for one year from the date of the notice.

3. If and when no application is made for the above remains by the end of the period, the University will return them to the interested party in Kineusu as soon as it is notified that the interested party is ready for the reburial of the remains. The costs of the transportation of the remains will be paid by the University.

4. If and when any application is made as to 2-(2) above, the Unversity will notify the plaintiffs and the interested party, and consult them about the treatment of the remains.

5. The interested party will bury the repatriated remains and funeral materials in the graveyard in Kineuse and manage the site in dignified manners in the future.

6. When the University returns the remains and funeral materials specified in 1 and 3 above, it will pay the interested party 1,067,600 Japanese Yen within 30 days, for the use of the graveyard as well as the expenses for reburial.

7. The plaintiffs, the University and the interested party agree that in case any dispute arises with a third party, the interested party will solve it and cause no trouble to the University at all.

8. The plaintiffs will waive all other claims to the materials specified in separate documents.

9. The plaintiffs, the University, and the interested party mutually confirm that no claims or debts other than those specified in this agreement exist between the plaintiffs and the University or between the University and the interested party.

10. The court costs and settlement costs are borne by each party.

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