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Shabby Manipulation by the Ainu Policy Council

As I briefly informed here, the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government posted the summaries of the proceedings of the 29th and 30th meetings of the Working Group of the Council for Ainu Policy Promotion here on June 15, 2017. These are the SUMMARIES (giji-gaiyou), not the official Records (gijiroku) of the meetings. It usually took the Cabinet Office a month to publish such a summary and it had become a customary practice.

The Cabinet Office, however, broke its own custom in March*1 and started to withold the summary from the public. The Summaries put out the day before yesterday were of the meetings held on February 16 and March 23 of this year. The Summary of the 31st meeting held on April 21 -- nearly two months ago -- has not been put out yet!

As I have shown some traces of manipulation in the summaries of past meetings, there has been plenty of time for shabby manipulation for the latest two Summaries. The Council for Ainu Policy Promotion has already lost what little credibility it had, by its own deed.

*1:I will write about what happened in March later when I have the time.